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D8 Gorilla Glue Strain

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1.50 Grams

"Now available for your "Canna-pleasures" try our CBD varietal of the world famous Gorilla Glue strain in mini buds! This is a super danky, musty but yet earthy strain. CBD content boasts a respectable 21% while still maintaining the 0.3% THC federal limits. We also have distillate infusion available with this amazing strain. Potency for distillate infusion adds (80 mg), approx.    ( 8 drops per preroll ) of our super potent, uncut, hemp derived Delta 8, HHC or THCO Distillate...Wow!! If that wasn't enough we lightly dusted the buds with our "world-famous" Honolulu Haze CBD kief!!

Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:
80 MG/G (of) Delta 8 Distillate (92.1% Potency)
21% CBD
1.2% CBG
0% Δ9 THC (Legal limit is 0.3%)
0% THCA (Legal limit is 0.3%)

Safety Tests:
Pesticides - PASS
Microbials - PASS
Mycotoxins - PASS
Heavy Metals - PASS
Foreign Matter - PASS

Effects: Possible Heavy Buzz, Mental and Physical Experience, Intense Experience, Great Relaxation, Some Relief

Lab Results: Provided thru QR Code

Important Notes: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IN ANY MANNER NOT RECOMMENDED BY A DOCTOR. Acetated cannabiniod cartridge's may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure in some people. If you have any known or unknown heart, blood pressure, eye, eye pressur

Product Info: The listing above is for 2grs. in (2ct. Preroll's) of Gorilla Glue but this strain can be purchased in many variations, please check the dropdown tab for indepth purchase options. QR Code Labs included with every order.

Customizable Options List

  • (2ct.) 0.5 gram King Palms,
  • (2ct.) 1 gram King Palms,
  • (2ct.) 0.5 gram King Palms-w- Kief & D8 THCO Disty,
  • (2ct.) 0.5 gram King Palms -w- Kief & HHC Disty,
  • (2ct.) 0.5 gram Mini Blunts -w- Kief,
  • 1/8th Manicured Pk -w- Kief & D8 THCO Disty,
  • (2ct.) "Mango Maui" Poppin' Terps Hemp Cone-w- CBD Kief,
  • (2ct.) "Watermelon Diesel" Poppin' Terps Hemp Cone-w- CBD Kief,
  • (2ct.) "Lemon Loud" Poppin' Terps Hemp Cone-w- CBD Kief,
  • (2ct.) "Russian Cream" Poppin' Terps Hemp Cone,
  • (2ct.) Raw Hemp Cones,
  • (2ct.) Terped Hemp Cone -w- Kief & HHC Disty,
  • (2ct.) Terped Hemp Cone-w- Kief & D8 THCO Disty,
  • (2ct.) Raw Hemp Cones -w- Kief & HHC Disty,
  • (2ct.) Raw Hemp Cones -w- Kief & D8 THCO Disty