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By purchasing industrial hemp products from  HIGH GRADES CBD & HEMP DISPENSARY D/B/A , a TEXAS based online hemp retailer (hereinafter referred to as HIGH GRADES “LICENSED #84-2723716/SoleProp/32018466956”), you hereby take action for yourself, your executors, administrators, customers, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assigns as follows:A) ASSUME ALL OF THE LEGAL AND FINANCIAL RISKS, HEALTH RISKS FROM ANY PRE-EXISTING HEALTH CONDITIONS BY PURCHASING, POSSESSING, TRANSPORTING, SHIPPING, MARKETING AND USING INDUSTRIAL HEMP PRODUCTS.B) WAIVE, RELEASE AND DISCHARGE THE “RETAILIER (HIGH GRADES/ HIGH GRADES CBD & HEMP DISPENSARY)” FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LIABILITY ARISING FROM LAW ENFORCEMENT SEIZURES, DAMAGED PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER NEGLIGENCE, ANY DISCREPANCY THAT MAY RESULT FROM THIRD-PARTY LAB TESING.C) IDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS AND PROMISE NOT TO SUE THE “SUPPLIER AND OR ONLINE RETAILER HIGH GRADES/ HIGH GRADES CBD & HEMP DISISPENSARY” FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITIES OR CLAIMS MADE AS A RESULT OF PURCHASING INDUSTRIAL HEMP DERIVED PRODUCTS. Please beware, though legal, Delta 8 & other concentrated forms of Hemp products can be overwhwelming when not properly used in moderation. Please microdose, and consume responsibly! If you plan to market and resell Industrial Hemp products, please be familiar with your state laws and Industrial hemp program HIGH GRADES does not condone any unethical, unlawful actions .  If your state does not have a regulated Industrial Hemp Program, please reference the Agricultural Act of 2018. BY READING THIS DISCLAIMER AND or MAKING A PURCHASE, YOU AGREE THAT YOU (THE PURCHASER) FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENTS AND ARE AWARE THAT THIS IS A RELEASE OF LIABILITY..